You can take Microsoft Outlook with you

One of the great advantages of having a Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) is that the Microsoft Exchange Email system is included with the operating system.  What this means to you as a business is that you can have your own Email system running on your own domain name with your own calendars and tasks which can be shared with other users in your organization.

What many people do not realize is that with Microsoft SBS you can also configure your server so that you can use Microsoft Outlook on a laptop or desktop away from the office with the same user experience that you have in the office.  We call this Outlook Anywhere.  In short, this means that you don’t have to settle for working a different way while you are at home as opposed to when you are at the office.  All of the Email is there, all of the calendar items are there, and all of your tasks are there.  If you update anything at home it is automatically updated at the office.  Everything ties in with the Exchange server.

If you happen to be travelling and you don’t have access to a computer with Microsoft Outlook you can use Outlook Web App (formerly known as Outlook Web Access – OWA) to access the same information.  Let’s say you are on vacation at your beach house and you don’t have Microsoft Office (with Outlook) installed on your computer.  No problem!  Just access your OWA website and you will find all of your Email, calendars, and tasks.

OWA Example
Example of OWA. Click image for larger version.

If you already have SBS and are not using these features then you are really missing out on the best features of SBS.

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