Are you backing up your data? Are you testing your backups?

Even with the massive amounts of critical data that businesses are storing today, some of them aren’t backing up this data.  The best blend of backups include a local backup and a backup stored offsite or in the cloud.  In my experience, companies have to lose their data once before they spend the money on a backup technology.  Backup technologies are relatively inexpensive today compared to what they used to be.
Three questions that you should ask yourself are “What data are we backing up?,” “How often are we backing up?,” and “When was the last time that we tested our backups?”
The last item is as critical as the first two.  Many organizations have configured their backups and forget to check the backup technology.  It’s all great that you are backing up the technology if you also have the ability to restore that data if the need arises.
Reasons for backup failures can include old backup tapes that are beyond their usable life, failure of the backup technology, or user error.
Examples of user error are employees not being trained properly on how to perform the backup, sick employees not changing the tape regularly, or management forgetting that the person that changed the backup tapes no longer works there.
Backup solutions are only as good as their weakest link.  If you haven’t tested your backups in a while by doing a test restore then you might want to schedule that very soon.

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