Don’t ever let your IT consultant leave you wondering

We use a helpdesk ticketing system called Zendesk for the tasks and questions that come into our office.  This allows us to easily let the customer know what is happening with their issue and also gives our customers an easy way to ask more questions or give us more information.  Zendesk is used by 20th Century Fox, Sony Music, Sears Canada, the Denver Broncos and many other companies.  We have been using Zendesk for a year now and feel that it is an integral part of our day to day business activities.

How Zendesk works:

Creating a new Zendesk ticket


  • Either create a new Zendesk ticket by sending email to and briefly describe your problem or question in the subject line.  You can enter additional details in the body of the message and send your message.


  • Visit our website at and click on the support tab on the left.  After the menu flies out, enter your description, details, name, and email address.  When you are finished, click on the submit button.


  • Call us at 706.529.5751 and we can create a helpdesk ticket for you.

Interacting with a Zendesk ticket


After a ticket has been created for your issue, you will receive an email update about the ticket.  You can reply to this email and the ticket will be automatically updated with the information in the email reply.  It really is that easy to give us more information or ask more questions.

As we work on you issue or question, you will receive periodic updates as they become available.  If you call our office at 706.529.5751 you can refer to your ticket number and anyone in the office will always be able to give you the most updated information on your ticket.

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