Virus removal price comparison

Many people are shocked at the amount of money that companies charge for removing viruses and malware  (malicious software) from a computer.  The price that I charge for the virus removal service has stayed constant since August of 2011 when I became an entrepreneur.  I still stand behind this price and I believe that it is a fair price.

When you take into consideration that each computer takes an average of three hours to remove all of the viruses and unwanted software and that every scenario is unique (each computer has it’s own set of software and it’s own set of viruses by the time I see it.)  I will make sure that your computer is free of viruses, malware, and other unwanted software before the computer is returned to you.  I also install the free Microsoft Security Essentials software product on your computer.  Microsoft has never charged for this product and I continue to stand behind it as a great, free piece of software (if you know me personally, you know that I love free software.)

Each computer issue that I work on also is assigned a unique helpdesk ticket number.  This is similar to what any other company that takes customer service seriously does.  I have been using the same helpdesk system since 2011 and I’m still extremely happy with it.  The benefit for both you and myself are that each issue is tracked in detail, it is notated on each invoice, each issue is closed after it is resolved and it is available in an archive at any time in the future.

Here is a comparison of Pinnacle Technology’s pricing compared with other local and regional competitors.




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