Owner of Pinnacle Technology

With the increasing number of clients asking about “cloud computing” we are currently working towards a partnership with one or more cloud providers.  Our most pressing issue that has prompted us to investigate a cloud computing partnership is data backup and recovery.  I keep telling clients that in my experience a person has to lose their data once before they can justify the cost of data backup.  While data backups have become inexpensive in recent years, many people just can’t wrap their heads around what it would cost to rebuild their data if something catastrophic were to happen (and sooner or later it will.)

While cloud computing may not be for everybody, most of our customers will benefit from what the cloud can offer.  We will be talking to our clients in the near future about the following topics:

  • Microsoft Exchange backups and/or hosting
  • SQL backups
  • User data backup
  • Shared file backup
  • Non-Exchange backups
  • Microsoft Office in the cloud

Stay tuned for more information on this topic.